Leeds Medical School, Class of 1980

Curricula vitae - C

Ruth Clancy

After a brief spell as a GP in Wakefield I moved to London with John Featherstone, my then boyfriend, now husband of many years (he told me the streets were paved with gold and I believed him). I found a wonderful job as CMO in Child Health and Family Planning which has progressed to a consultant post in Family Planning. We have two lovely children Olivia 7 and Henry 5 and live by the river in Teddington, about a quarter of a mile from Teddington Studios (where they used to make "Magpie"). We enjoy skiing as often as possible - not too inconvenient from Heathrow and walking - pretty bad driving North on a Friday night.

Our trip to the reunion has proved very expensive: on the way home we found a wonderful old farmhouse near Hartington in the Peak District which we bought two weeks later at auction. The builders are still there!

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David Coombs

Interesting Stuff
  • Married to Liz Sida (Leeds graduate 1981)
  • Two children : Olivia age 10, Bryony age 7
  • Like the rest of you I canít believe it is twenty years since we qualified. I havenít changed a bit ( I think my hair may be slightly shorter than in the 1980 photo but Iím not sure)
  • My career aim is still to give up medicine and become a ski bum, although maybe time is running out
Boring Stuff
  • Qualifications : MBChB MRCP(UK) MRCGP
  • GP partner in the Wirral since 1986
  • Dermatology clinical assistant
  • Chair of Wirral GP Professional Performance Committee
  • Work for MPS giving expert opinions in negligence cases and providing support for GPs at complaints hearings

E-mail: coombsida at yahoo dot co dot uk

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