Leeds Medical School, Class of 1980

Curricula vitae - A

Jackie Addison

Jackie Addison & Allan LeviI am still a principle in Bristol and enjoying it although I have concerns as to where general practice is heading, or being sent, and I wonder if I shall still be a GP in 2010. I am starting an MSc in primary care at Birmingham (the only medical school to reject me) in October and I'm really looking forward to it. It will be part time and hard work and I shall really have to get the hang of the computer.

Since we last met in 1990 Anna has been born - at home, but we don't tell the patients. We have also acquired another dog who spends her time digging up the garden so we now have a second fishpond - well nearly. Now I have reached the ripe old age of forty I am a veteran, at least in badminton terms, and I play for Avon County which is great fun and very hard work. I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2010.

October 2001 update: I am now divorced from Allan but the rest is still accurate except the fishpond is now finished and has a fountain.

E-mail: Sjadd5544 at aol dot com

(Last revised October 2001)

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