Auntie Allie's family scrapbook

My great-aunt, Mrs Alice Hoad, kindly provided these photographs of times past in the Leuty family. They continue the story begun in Auntie Belle's scrapbook.

George Edwin Leuty

George Edwin LeutyEdwin was my great-great-grandfather. He married Isabel Matilda and they had four children: George Leuty (known as "Harry"), Harry Leuty, Frank Leuty and Arthur Leuty.

He was a wood turner, whose premises were situated in Unicorn Yard, Brighton. After his death in 1918 (aged about sixty), the business passed to his son Arthur who transferred it to Castle Street about 1930 when the original premises were pulled down to make way for the Regent Cinema.

For details of his younger three children, see Auntie Belle's scrapbook.

This photograph shows him at some time in his fifties.

George "Harry" Leuty

George "Harry" LeutyMy great-grandfather, known as Harry, was born in Brighton on 21st May 1879. He married Hannah Barbara Elizabeth Clark on 9th November 1902 in St. Nicholas Church, Brighton. Hannah had been born on 29th July 1871 in Carfax, Horsham. They had four children: George Leuty, Isobel Hannah Leuty, Hetty Leuty and Alice Leuty.

The photograph shows him in the back yard of his home at 39 North Gardens, Brighton, where he was to die on 10th April 1954 at the age of 74.

An article in the Brighton & Hove Herald of 3rd November 1928 bemoans the closing of Brill's Baths in East-street "in readiness for the clearance of the site for the erection of a super-cinema and garage." (The cinema concerned was the Savoy, one of three super cinemas built at that time, the other two being the Regent and the Odeon.) The Herald article continues:

Brill's Baths, which occupy an extensive site, were erected in 1800, but it is shown in "A Peep into the Past", by the late Mr J. G. Bishop, a former proprietor of the "Herald," that there were baths in Pool Valley as far back as 1769.

Later the article says:

One of the saddest aspects of the new sale of the Baths is the position of the members of staff. Among them is Mr George Leuty, affectionately known as "Harry," who has been employed at the Baths for thirty-seven years. A well-known gentleman in the town has suggested that the Corporation should include baths in the aquarium scheme, "Harry" would prove a valuable servant.

Subsequent to the closure of Brill's Baths he worked as a painter and decorator (but not at the aquarium).

George Hetty Isobel & AliceThis rather dark photograph, taken around 1930, shows Harry's wife Hannah and their four children. From left to right: Isobel, Hetty, Hannah, Alice and George.

Jack Hoad

Jack HoadMy great aunt Alice Leuty married John Hoad, known as "Jack". This photograph shows (from left to right): Jack Hoad, George "Harry" Leuty, Isobel Leuty (Auntie Belle) and Hetty Leuty (Auntie Het).

George Leuty

George & Winifred LeutyMy grandfather, George Leuty, was born in 1903 and married Winifred Edith Callingham on 9th July 1927. He worked as a glassblower, and moved from Brighton to Hitchin in 1950.

He died in Walsworth, Hitchin, on 10th July 1960 at the age of 57.

George Win George & Gerry LeutyGeorge and Win had four children: George Ernest Leuty, Gerald ("Gerry") Arthur Leuty, John Michael Leuty and Colin David Leuty.

This photograph shows George and Win Leuty with their sons George (right) and Gerry (left).

George Ernest Leuty

George Ernest LeutyMy father, George Ernest Leuty, was born in Brighton on 19th March 1929. He married Rosemary on 1st January 1955, and had four children: George Michael Leuty, Mark Edmund Leuty, James Crispin Leuty and Rebecca Barbara Leuty.

This photograph shows him on the beach at Tripoli, Libya, in 1948, during his National Service.

George & Rosemary LeutyThis photograph shows George & Rosemary's first child, George Michael, at his christening in 1957.

Brighton beach, 1965

Brighton beach, 1965This photograph shows, from left to right: Auntie Belle, Mark (son of George & Rosemary), Doreen (wife of Gerry), Michael (son of George & Rosemary), and Gail Alison Leuty and Nicholas Leuty, the children of Gerry who is sitting behind them.

John and Barbara

John and BarbaraThe final photograph in the scrapbook shows John Leuty, son of George and Winifred, and Barbara Tokley, the daughter of Auntie Het. They are shown attending the wedding of Gerry and Doreen in 1955, where John was best man and Barbara was bridesmaid.

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